Answered: Does YNAB Work In The UK

So you want to know “Does YNAB work in the UK?” and the short answer is, yes it does – but, there’s a catch!

You’ll find that many financial applications often don’t work in the UK. They are targeted at the North American audience, specifically the USA due to the countries buying power.

For a long time, YNAB was no different, however, with the release of the web-based YNAB application settings allowed for the currency to be converted from US dollars to other currencies including the Great British Pound.

Dear Americans, I didn’t just make it up. Apparently us British really are as arrogant enough as to call our own currency great 😂

How To Change Currency On YNAB

In order to change the currency from USD to GBP, you’ll need to set up a budget and then go to the budget settings which is available from the dropdown under the budget name on the left-hand side.

This will trigger a pop-up which allows you to change the currency format as well as the date format.

Does YNAB work in the UK a look at our budget here in the UK which is displayed in GBP.

Once you click the apply settings button your budget numbers will adjust based on the settings you changed.

The Problem With Using YNAB In The UK

There is sadly one feature that those based in the UK can not use on YNAB which those based in North America can and that’s the auto-import feature.

This allows you to connect the YNAB application with your bank and bank accounts to auto-import transactions.

For many, this feature is a necessity. However, personally I find that I’m much more connected to my money when I sit down and manually enter my transactions.

It helps me to find stray transactions and keep connected to the money I’m spending and what I’m spending it on.

Hopefully, YNAB will be able to add auto-import from UK based banks soon, to allow those who wish to auto-import transactions the means to do so.

It’s a shame that those of us in the UK using YNAB have to pay the same price as those in the USA who get additional features.

However, YNAB is still my budgeting application of choice in the UK and I recommend it to anyone who’ll let me!

However, if YNAB doesn’t sound quite right for you. Consider checking out these YNAB budgeting app alternatives.

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