37 Clever Products That Save You Money

Are you looking for ways to save money around the house? We get it – bills can be a pain in the wallet. But did you know that by investing in a few simple household products that save you money… you can you can reduce your expenses over the long run?

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Replacing single-use items with reusable products is an easy way to save money. There are also plenty of products designed to reduce energy consumption (and therefore energy costs), which can save so much money in a year!


These items not only help you save money, but also promote sustainability and reduce waste. From a trusty instant pot to a simple reusable water bottle, there are plenty of products (maybe some you didn’t even know existed) that save you money that should be in your home to make life a little easier on your bank account.

Remember to always do your research and read reviews before investing in any money-saving product. Not all products are created equal, and you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the money-saving product you’re purchasing fits your lifestyle and needs. What works for one person may not work for another, so take some time to evaluate your habits and figure out which products will save you the most money in the long run.

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37 of the best money-saving household items you need in your life

These things will save you far more than they cost!

A budget planner

budget budget planner

Learning to set and stick to a monthly budget can save you a fortune – it will probably save you more over your life time than cold water showers or even sustainable products ever will!

This cute printable budget planner will save you 100s of times what you spend on it.

Programmable thermostat (or a smart thermostat)

A programmable thermostat helps you save money on energy bills automatically adjusting the temperature when you’re away or asleep. Programmable thermostats may even qualify you for energy rebates depending on your home country! You can set different temperatures for different times of the day or days of the week, allowing you to only use energy when you need it.

LED light bulbs

These consume less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs, saving you money on electricity bills in the long run. Incandescent bulbs also have to be changed more often, so this saves you time! LED bulbs are also more environmentally friendly, as they contain no toxic chemicals and emit less heat.

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries can save you money on buying disposable batteries over the long term. Although rechargeable batteries have a higher upfront cost, they can be recharged and used multiple times, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Solar-powered phone charger

Using solar power where you can will save you money on electricity bills and reduce your environmental impact. Of course you can take this all the way and install solar panels for your entire home, but it can be an investment up front. Starting small with just a phone charger is a great way to use less electricity with the upfront commitment to solar panels. This is a great option for those who spend a lot of time outdoors or in areas without access to electricity.

Smart power strip

Smart power strips automatically turns off electronics when they’re not in use, saving you money on electricity bills.

Motion Sensor Light Switches

Especially great if you have kids who leave the lights on all the time! Motion sensor lights will turn off when no one is in the room, and save money on energy.

A Bike

A bike saves money on gas and parking, and also provides a low-cost mode of transportation to and from the grocery store. Not to mention, cycling is fantastic exercise, which can help you save money on gym memberships and improve your overall health, which can save money on health costs (so many wins with a bike lol).

Reusable water bottle

a reusable water bottle saves money on bottled water and reduces waste. With so many styles available, you can choose a bottle that fits your lifestyle and personality. For example, insulated water bottles keep your drink cold for longer periods of time, while collapsible water bottles are convenient for travel or storage.

French press coffee maker

A French press brews coffee without the need for disposable filters, saving you money on buying coffee filters and trips to the local coffee shop. You can still have your mocha latte, but from the comfort of your home, and for literally pennies on the dollar. A French press is easy to clean and can last for years.

Travel mug

So you can take your coffee with you, don’t buy expensive coffee out of the house. Get a good quality stainless steel mug that will last a long time, and actually keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, as well as not stain or get funky-smelling if you leave coffee with creamer in it overnight by accident. (What? Who does that?) Many coffee shops offer discounts for bringing your own cup, which can save you money in the long run.

A box of rags

Paper towel is convenient, but buying it just to throw away actually wastes a lot of money over the course of a year. Cut up clothes or towels as they get old, and keep a box of rags handy. You can throw them in the washing machine with a bit of bleach and they come out as good as new.

Water powered window cleaning cloths

Do you know there are amazing window washing clothes that require absolutely nothing but water to make your windows spotless? These are all we use in our home, and I haven’t purchased a bottle of window cleaner in over a decade. The water powered window washing cloths last a long time if you take care of them (don’t use softeners with them, specifically). I’ve had mine for years and years!

Library membership

If you have a local library, with a free membership, make use of that! No one should be buying new books regularly if there’s a library near by. Many libraries also have games and movies to borrow.

Dryer balls

Dryer balls replace dryer sheets and fabric softener, saving you money on buying dryer sheets and fabric softener in the long run. You can get wool dryer balls, or plastic ones. They also  fluff and soften clothes without chemicals.

Clothes drying rack

Everything you can air dry saves money on running the dryer! Your clothes will last longer too, if you air dry them!

Handheld clothes steamer

A steamer can save you money on dry cleaning bills and also prolong the life of your clothes.

Sewing kit

Basic mending allows you enables you to make quick fixes to your clothes, reducing the need to buy new ones.

Electric razor

Electric razors last for years, so they can save you money on disposable / replaceable razors and also reduce your waste.

Cloth napkins

Will save money on paper towels and also reduce your waste.

Instant pot

An instant pot allows you to cook meals at home with minimal effort (and in very little time – so “I forgot to thaw meat” isn’t an excuse to get takeout anymore), saving you money on takeout and restaurant meals in the long run. An instant pot also tenderizes cheaper cuts of meat (just like a pressure cooker), and makes them more enjoyable – which means you can put more of your grocery money in your savings accounts!

Reusable lunch box

A reusable lunch box will save tons of money on takeout meals as long as you make it part of your routine to actually pack a lunch.

Reusable shopping bag

Raise your hand if you’re still splurging 5 cents per single-use plastic bag from the grocery store, because you keep forgetting to take your reusable bag. Sigh.

Reusable coffee filter

This is a no brainer if you use coffee filters. Anything that is single use that you use once and throw away, if it can be replaces with a reusable item, do it.

Bread maker

With a load of bread sky rocketing to over $6 for a loaf these days, you can save tons of money on buying bread from the grocery store if you have a bread maker. It also allows you to customize the ingredients to your liking.

Food dehydrator

While these are often an expensive investment upfront, you can preserve fruits, vegetables, and herbs, reducing the need to buy expensive dried goods from the grocery store. Dehydrating is MUCH easier than canning, and dehydrated food can last a long time!

Cast iron skillet

Unlike other frying pans, cast irons skillets are durable and long-lasting, and can save you money on replacing non-stick pans and also provides a healthier cooking option.

Water filter pitcher

A water filter pitcher can save you money on buying bottled water and also reduce your plastic waste. Simply fill up the pitcher with tap water and let the filter do the rest. This is a great option for those who are concerned about the quality of their tap water or want to reduce their environmental impact.

Food vacuum sealer

A food vacuum sealer can extend the shelf life of your food, reducing the need to throw away spoiled food and saving you money in the long run. This is fantastic for anyone who wants to buy food in bulk or wants to prepare meals in advance.

Meal prep containers

By using these containers to prepare and store meals in advance, you can save money on takeout and restaurant meals, as well as reduce the amount of food waste in your home.

Reusable food storage bags

Traditional plastic storage bags can be costly over time, not to mention the negative impact they have on the environment. By using reusable food storage bags, you can cut down on the amount of single-use plastic you consume while also saving money.

Compost bin

Compost can turn food scraps into nutrient-rich compost, reducing the need for fertilizers and improving soil quality. This is obviously especially helpful if you already garden, but also great to keep in mind if you want to start gardening, either to save money or to be more self sustainable.

Low-flow shower head

A low flow shower head can save you money on water bills by reducing the amount of water you use, and also reduce your environmental impact.

Menstrual cup

These might not be for everyone, but if they work for you, reusable menstrual cups will save women money on tampons and pads each month.


Also not for everyone, but you can’t argue that it reduces the need for toilet paper, saving you money on buying toilet paper over the long term.

A space heater

Space heaters generally aren’t one of the best ways to save money, but in certain circumstances, they make sense. For example, when I’m the only one home during the week and I want to work in my office (where it’s freezing) I use a space heater to take the chill off rather than heating the entire house for 8 hours just for me, because it doesn’t use as much energy to heat that one room as it would to heat the whole house. So it’s really about energy usage and what makes the most sense for your specific situation.

Ceiling fans

If you can keep your home at a reasonable temperature without running your air conditioner, you’ll save a lot of money on your electric bill. A couple tower fans in front of an open window in the evening also can help to reduce the need for air conditioning.

An Amazon Prime membership

While I don’t normally recommend a subscription service to those trying to get ahead financially, a Prime membership can save you money on shipping costs for frequently purchased household items and groceries. I also find that it reduces my visits to the store, which reduces my extra spending. Plus, you can enjoy access to exclusive deals and discounts, making it a money-saving option for frequent Amazon shoppers. However, be careful not to fall into the trap of making impulse buys just because of the convenience and fast shipping! Make sure to stick to your budget and only purchase what you need.

There are many money-saving products available that can help you reduce your expenses in the long run

By making small changes to your everyday routines and investing in reusable or energy-efficient options, you can not only save money but also reduce your impact on the environment. Remember, every little bit counts, so don’t be afraid to start small and work your way up to larger investments like solar panels or a rainwater harvesting system. With these money-saving products, you can build a sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle that benefits both you and the planet.

You don’t have to choose to make use of all of these household items that save you money – any that you choose to add to your regular routine helps!


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