How Many Trillionaires Are There in The World?

Who doesn’t want to be wealthy? We all dream of ranking up success and becoming a millionaire one day – but why stop there when you can go even higher? Everyone can become a millionaire, and with a bit of work they can go into billionaire status as well – but did you know that you could also be a trillionaire?

Granted, we don’t have any trillionaires yet. There’s no such way people can become that, right? Well, think again, because it’s actually possible – and some people are very close to hitting that milestone.

The question now is who will be the first to become a trillionaire, considering their business and their success. Until then, we have a list of very rich people with great potential. 

Jeff Bezos

When you think about the fact that Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in his home garage in Seattle, it’s kind of impressive to imagine how such a small idea led to the creation of such a wide-spread e-commerce colossus.

He ranks number one on the Forbes billionaire list, having a net worth in 2019 of approximately $90.5 billion. Just a bit more, and he will likely pass the other threshold. Amazon first started as a platform for selling books, when people were still rather new to the idea of buying products online.

Nowadays, Amazon even surpassed the value of Walmart, with more and more people going to the platform to do their shopping. After some time, Amazon started hosting more than books, and it became a universal mall for anything you might need.

It’s easy to imagine why the business soared up after that. People discovered the ease of not having to do their shopping themselves, as Amazon would bring it straight to their doorstep. Plus, with the introduction of Amazon Prime and discounts, the sales increased even more, setting Bezos straight on the road of becoming the richest man alive.

In 2019, Amazon reached about $280.5 billion in terms of revenue, and also had a record net profit of $11.5 billion. Plus, while the pandemic is forcing more and more businesses to close their doors, Bezos is now making more money than ever.

His net worth grew by about 30.6%, raising it to $147.6 billion. From the looks of it, Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world and will likely stay that way. 

Bill Gates

While Bill Gates might be a couple of billions of dollars behind Bezos, he still has a net worth way over $100 billion. While his name is shrouded in controversy nowadays, he is still the co-founder of Microsoft – a company that provides most of the software and operating systems that we use nowadays.

The irony lies in the fact that when Bill Gates started off, he did not even own a computer yet. He simply logged long hours at school in order to develop his programs. He partnered with quite a few businessmen, which allowed him to go straight to the top. 

Something that made him quite popular among the people was the fact that he promoted humanitarian causes by using the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.” He made his personal policy known through the world, “giving back,” something that gives him personal satisfaction for his business and does so in a more holistic sense. 

He is a couple of hundred billion away from becoming a trillionaire, but he is still quite close to it. Gates might not become the first trillionaire, as Bezos seems to be well ahead of it, but he’ll still quite close to it in 10 or 20-something years. 

Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault is the owner of the biggest luxury goods company in the world – Louis Vuitton SE. Everyone who is anyone owns a product branded Louis Vuitton – and they are always proud to show it off to the world.

The brand is associated with quality, being as popular if not more than Prada, Hugo Armani, Chanel, and so on. Arnault is the richest person in Europe and likely the third in the world. 

Bernard is not one of those businessmen who became “rich from scratch.” He had a little head start thanks to his father. Initially, when he began working for his father’s company, he had the role of an engineer – but in 1976, he convinced his father that a change in company focus is due. As a result, the construction company began handling real estate.

His company prospered, and after moving with his family to the United States and making an impression there, he eventually returned to his home country, France. There, he saw an opportunity offered by the bankruptcy of the textile company, Boussac.

The French government was trying to find someone to take over the company, its sections featuring a disposable diaper company and the Christian Dior couture house. Since Dior was seen as a luxury market for goods, Arnault saw it as an opportunity.

After that, Arnault kept buying stocks and shares, merging the companies until it became the Louis Vuitton that we know today. His sales increased due to the focus that the company placed on the product, turning him into one of the richest people that walked the earth.

With a wealth of over $100 billion, he might be a few decades away from becoming a trillionaire – but if things keep going the way they are now, he is certainly on the right track. 

Warren Buffett

Investing can take you on quite some high grounds – something that the successful finance figure Warren Buffet is clearly showing us with his $70.5 billion fortune. Known for being the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, he is the fourth wealthiest person in the world – and his fortune only seems to grow. 

Buffett has shown an interest in investments even during early youth – and instead of just focusing on creating a particular brand, as most billionaires did, he focused on making investments. Buffet created his fortune by placing his investments in the right companies. His wealth started to peak up most when he began investing in Coca Cola, but he also used quite a few investing tricks.

Warren Buffet did not necessarily get rich by investing his own money in stocks, watching them grow as time passed. Instead, he used leverage in order to make a higher amount of money on the stock money – an amount that he could not have made had he used his own funds.

The more partnerships he made, and the more diversified his investments were, the richer he became. This is why many people believe that if things run the way they do now, Warren Buffet could easily become a trillionaire. 

It’s true that we don’t have any trillionaires right now – but we do have quite a few prospects that are in the run for becoming one. At the rate that his wealth is growing, it’s probably safe to assume that Jeff Bezos will become the world’s first trillionaire.

However, wealth involves talent as it involves luck – so, we can’t know for certain when a runner-up strikes gold. We will just have to see what the future holds for them and for us.

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